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The Treasure Inside Website DVD

Treasure Inside Series
Treasure Inside
              Short Movies about Inner Discovery
The DVD is finally here and ready to be ordered!

On the Treasure Inside homepage, TreasureInside.html, you can click on the DVD image and go to an online store. There you find a web shopping cart where you can place an order. If you would like to see how the DVD looks, click the links to view the DVD case and to view the insert card.

The DVD includes the entire series of 15 movies: all the movies on the website plus two bonus shorts. Behind the Scenes and Credits shows how the movies are made and the people who worked on them. Treasure! is a short (but fun!) movie that will be used for online video ads.


But how much $?

DVD's are $16 (an even dollar amount cause I hate everything .99 this and .99 that). This is a good bit cheaper than most DVDs online (usually $19, sometimes lots higher).


Starting Conversations

Two years ago, when I first started making these movies, I had one purpose in mind. I wanted to have a way to talk about my discoveries. I was thinking of many images to clearly describe what I was learning. I decided animated movies would be an excellent medium to express them and I research how to do it.

Maybe you feel the same way? Maybe you think these movies are good descriptions of your own discoveries? Maybe you would like to give DVDs to friends and family members so they could ask if they interested?

So, I made a big discount for multiple copies. Every additional DVD is only $9 (2 for $25, 5 for $52) Do you want a few DVDs for yourself? Maybe a gift for a friend who is interested in inner experience? Maybe a few for people you know who want to split the shipping cost?


Why get a DVD?

I was asked about the reasons to purchase a DVD. "Why buy a DVD when I can just watch all the movies online?"

That's easy to answer. I came up with a few good reasons:

 - You can relax in your living room and watch them on your tv.
 - You will have no download problems: those awful pauses, hiccups, and echoes.
 - Your computer does not have a good sound system and want to hear them with good speakers.
 - You want to view easily but do not have a fast internet connection.
 - You want to split an order with friends - with the Gift Disc Discount.
 - You want to give gifts to friends and family that might start some conversations about what you're discovering.
 - You want to watch the 2 bonus movies: Behind the Scenes and Treasure! - which are only on the DVD and not on the website


Getting the Word Out

I'd like everybody interested to know about this DVD. I am sending out press releases to websites and periodicals. I'll be selling them in local retail stores. I told the audience at the Buck Fever FilmFest last night (where Tsunami Thoughts was named Best Animation by an Emerging Filmmaker).

But the best advertisement is You!  Please tell people you talk to, both online and off. Show them the movies on the website or on Facebook.

Thanks!    -- Joel



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