miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

The Food for People Story

Sunday, October 16th was World Food Day, a special day designed to increase awareness, understanding, and action to alleviate hunger. TPRF is pleased to have marked this occasion with the premier of a new 12-minute video The Food for People Story.

The First Five Years

ffp storyOpened in India, 2006
A little over five years ago, the doors opened to TPRF’s first Food for People facility, located in a tribal area of northeast India in the state of Jharkhand, near the village of Bantoli.
Children here grow up with firsthand understanding of the daily struggle to stay alive. Simple huts with dirt floors provide basic shelter, and food must be coaxed from rocky soil or purchased with the money from hard manual labor. Plumbing and electricity in the homes is unknown. For many children, going to school is a luxury they cannot afford, while others who attend classes when they can, often do so sporadically and on an empty stomach.
One may well ask, what could ever turn this situation around? What could bring even a glimmer of hope for a better life, allow children to experience childhood and learn the skills they could use in the future while making daily life in the present a little easier?

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