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Changing a life is as simple as changing a channel

Words of Peace Global
Dear Blanca,
Make peace prime time

Can you imagine the impact WOPG-TV might have if it was shown on the prime channels, competing with the best programs? There's no limit to the audiences it could reach.
It's more than possible — it’s on the threshold of happening! But your help is needed.
It makes a difference
Maharaji's message has the power to transform a person's life  – just read these statements by WOPG-TV viewers:
I only caught one minute at the end of the broadcast, but what I heard was enough to call. I moved back to Florida because I want to help people, but I know I need to help myself first. I think that's why I heard this today.”
“I never watch TV, but one day as I switched it on I saw Maharaji alone on the stage in front of a huge audience. What he said made sense to me, so I continued to watch. Then I watched the Keys and asked for Knowledge. Thank you.”
“Prem, thanks so much. I had been in need of inspiration, and then one day I discovered you on my local Time Warner Cable for CNY. I was mesmerized by your speaking capability and your ability to move me so profoundly. I love the way you express yourself and was unable to do anything except stay tuned and continue watching. It was like I was frozen in your words and they sunk in deep. Your humor was so needed as well! You are wonderful and have given me a new outlook on my life at age 41. Thank you.”
Please join us!

Your contribution today is critical to maintaining our momentum. The campaign began in July with meetings around the world and the first email about this effort was sent two weeks ago. Currently, $945,000 has been contributed, so we are almost half way to our goal. Please join our current sponsors to give what you can on a monthly basis.
With your help, Maharaji’s message of peace will be able to reach the most remote — all with the single click of a remote control.
Thank you,
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