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WOPG Newsletter - WOPG.org now in French, excerpts from Los Angeles and more

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Good news, francophones.
WOPG.org has been translated into French, making it the third official language of the WOPG website. French speakers around the world will now be able to access all of WOPG's content in their native tongue, continuing the expansion of this global message.

This project has been made possible through the efforts of the following volunteers: Martin Gibson, Patricia Franck-Damagnez, Marie Giral, Pierre Boquié, René Fernandez, Vincent Mazière, Jean-Baptiste Servel and a few others. They will continue to translate and update the site, keeping content fresh for francophones everywhere.
You can toggle between languages by using the dropdown menu at the top of any page.

On the road
Report: Event in Los Angeles - August 6, 2011
“You have heard this again and again and again. You have to have the heart of a child. Do you have the heart of a child? We don’t even know what that means. We want a mind that is complex. We want people to give us credit for being sophisticated, when that’s not a good thing. Simplicity is better.”

On the second day of the event in Los Angeles, many had the chance to speak with Maharaji face to face. Before the first person took the mic, Maharaji spoke of our desire to appear sophisticated, even though simplicity is what we're truly after.
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From our blog

All in Good Time

A few years ago I planted a fig tree. I was trying to surround myself with trees that remind me of home, of my childhood in Israel. So I also planted a pomegranate tree, an olive tree and some grapes. The fig tree grew rapidly, quickly becoming as tall as the house, its canopy stretching across the narrow yard of my new mini orchard.
I remember so vividly how we, as young teens, went for hikes in the mountains of Galilee. The sun would be brutally hot and the low bush never provided enough cover. We would reach a village, maybe a little stream, and sit under a fig tree, its canopy giving shade to the whole group of tired, thirsty kids. The many fan-sized leaves would rustle in the breeze, carrying just a hint of scent from the honey-dripping figs.

Humanitarian aid

Pakistani Flood Victims One Year Later

It was one year ago, on July 28th, that the South Asian country of Pakistan reeled from the deadly blow of a monsoon that left twenty percent of its land under water. This was the most devastating flood in generations, and twenty million people were displaced — many of them children. More than a thousand people died.
Those most affected by the flood were small farmers and unskilled laborers who were already living below the poverty level. In this crisis, the minimal infrastructure of hygiene and sanitation in their communities collapsed and the health of the residents, especially the children, deteriorated from diarrhea and gastrointestinal diseases.

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