domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

What’s New on TPRF

Aid for East Africa
TPRF’s first grant of aid for East Africa will help to bring emergency aid to almost 200,000 Kenyans suffering from the worst drought in over 60 years.
TPRF has also begun an innovative joint Campaign with Mercy Corps on Facebook to raise more money for East Africans. Causes, the hosting organization, has taken a keen interest in this particular Campaign, featuring it on one of their own causes. Anyone who would like to participate can help to keep the momentum building—Donate, Share, Invite. Each small donation adds to the vitality of the Campaign, and automatically steps the donor through the Causes tools for promoting the Campaign.
New blogWeaving for Peace, Part 2 concludes the first-hand report of widespread participation in the week for Peace and Solidarity in Mazara, Italy.
More on East Africa aid next week.

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