jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Poem written by Maharaji many many years ago...

"All we have to do
is slow down, and let this meditation take place.

It's like waves lapping upon the shore
every breath followed by another.
We must be right inside for every wave
not back at the last one, or pushing the next one,
but gently, slowly, and lovingly,
feeling the soft strength that is life.

When we do this, hour upon hour,
we can come to each other like children.
If we follow the path of the Name
this love will be there inside constantly.
But we must slow down and let the softness move us.

It is through the door of the present moment
that God enters into your life.
And it is through you
that he enters into the life of the world.

Perfect meditation creates love,
Perfect love sanctifies union,
Perfect union is the goal.

Meditation is the only medium
through which you can increase your love.
And love will spring forth,
will make you one.
And finally, everything will be organized."

- Maharaji

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