miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

On the occasion of International Day of Peace...

On the occasion of International Day of Peace established by the United Nations there will be a broadcast on the satellite channel La Nuova TV where you will be able to watch the video presentation of Dignity Peace Prosperity of Prem Rawat Foundation

Wednesday September 21 12:45 pm
Saturday September 24 at 15:45
Sunday September 25 at 20:45

Time CET

La Nuova TV
SKY Channel 840 for Sky subscribers

for free viewer tune as follow:

Satellite Hot Bird
frequency 11,470
Polarization: Vertical
FEC: 5 / 6
Symbol Rate: 27,500

(before manual tuning deleting the old channel synchronization )

LA Nuova TV can be seen in all Mediterranean area

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