jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Make Peace Prime Time

Words of Peace Global

Dear Blanca,
The one purpose of Words of Peace Global is to make this message of peace available to every individual.WOPG-TV is currently reaching millions each week and is now on the verge of going mainstream,getting onto popular TV stations in more countries and reaching an even wider audience. Millions more could be reached every week. Hearts touched. Lives changed.
New direction for WOPG-TV
"Great content," an expert has said, "but bad packaging." TV networks agree. We now have the talent, equipment and drive to change all of that — new, exciting and innovative videos are being produced which can compete on primary stations worldwide. Watch a clip.

Let’s keep it going — with your help
$2,000,000 is needed to maintain the momentum that has brought WOPG to this exciting, pivotal and critical point.These funds will help create new network-quality broadcasts, a special 3-part documentary narrated by Maharaji, an ongoing radio show and much more. Funds will also be used to create a support system for people wanting to make this message available in new and innovative ways. Watch a clip.
Give a little — change a lot

Thank you so much for your generous and regular contributions. You have made so much possible, bringing us to this exciting time. An extra contribution — or an increase to your existing monthly support — would significantly help to keep our momentum going. If current contributors could each increase their contributions by an average of $25 per month, our goal would be in sight. Watch a clip.
Jump-start the drive with a one-time contribution
Your one-time contributions will help give us the jump start we need. Please give as much as you can: there has never been a better time to make your contributions count.

Changing a life is as simple as changing a channel
An email from a WOPG-TV viewer:
"I lost my son four months ago and was sitting tonight flicking through the channels when I came upon this wonderful man with a message so beautiful it opened my heart again. Please tell him how much his words meant to me and send me more information."   
When passion meets opportunity, magic happens. Let's give everyone a chance to hear something worth hearing about.
Thank you for your support,
Barbara Brogan and Jorge Pérez Fadon
WOPG Sponsorship Team
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