miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday iPeace and Happy International Peace Day

A message to all peacemakers of iPeace.us

On this day exactly 3 years ago, iPeace was born. Happy Birthday iPeace and Happy International Day of Peace to all.

With your support and participation we celebrate what we achieved together on iPeace.us...

21,752    Peacemakers
35,755    Photos
6,302    Videos
437    Events
598    Groups
3,581    Discussions
11,330    Blog entries

Thank you David Califa, founder of iPeace, for creating iPeace to share peace and make a difference and thanks for transferring ownership of iPeace so our network will continue to grow.

To all who volunteered, adding a photo or video, creating events and groups, and expressing yourself in discussions and blogs - Thank you for making iPeace the network for peace we have today.

Thank you - to each of you, every one of our 21,752 peacemakers, for joining and helping us realize peace. iPeace is individual, international, and inspirational - thanks to you.

We are now reviving iPeace and you are invited to engage and contribute - see:
iPeace introduction and call to actionreviving iPeaceVolunteer...

Eyal Raviv

Volunteer: http://ipeace.us/group/volunteer
Invite your friends with 3 clicks: http://ipeace.us/invite

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