jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Canadian Challenge 1st Annual Golf Tournament - BALL DROP DONATION

Hello from the Vancouver golf tournament team. This is our first attempt to raise fun and funds for TPRf and local charities for homeless. We are having fun during the process, learning much and two months are accomplishing our goals. We would like to encourage $10.00 donations from lots of supporters to be successful. We do keep remembering the reason we are doing this and are happy to bring The Prem Rawat message of Peace to new people in Vancouver area: The golf club staff and members, the golfers, helicopter company, sponsors, volunteers, and the kind neighbour lending us golf balls.
Cheers everyone "have fun and do some good"

The Ball-Drop consists of a thousand or more golf-balls, dropped by helicopter near a single target hole. All the balls are numbered, and when you donate 1 or more ball, you are automatically assigned a number for each ball you purchase.

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