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Report: Event in Los Angeles - August 5, 2011
“If you are inebriated because you understood the preciousness of this breath, and this has overwhelmed you, then I wish you never become sober. Stay in that inebriation of clarity.”

On August 5, 2011, Maharaji arrived at the Shrine Auditorium — a well-known landmark in Los Angeles — for the first of two events. For well over an hour he spoke about the potential within each person, returning time and again to the metaphor of a desert: with regular rain even a desert will turn into a forest, he seemed to say.
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In the store: From the Archives
Timeless: A three-part series

Although filmed prior to the era of high definition, the Timelessseries lives up to its name. In this set of three videos, actor Michael Nouri introduces classic moments from some of Maharaji's best talks — powerful, poetic, and still just as vital as they ever were.
Episodes are also available individually:

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WOPG TV Chosen by Promovision Cable Viewers as Favorite Program

In a web survey conducted in June 2011 by Promovision Channel 10, more than a third of participating viewers selected Words of Peace Global TV (WOPG TV) as their favorite program. Out of the channel's twenty-four listed offerings, WOPG TV received 805 of 2,111 votes, surpassing other popular programs by at least 13.5%.

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