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WOPG Newsletter - Dance in the dance, blog cabins and expressions from South African prisoners

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Dance in the Dance

Stuart Hoffman teams up with Daya — and a host of talented musicians — to bring you song after heart-lifting song. With touches of reggae, world, jazz, rock and soul, this album moves from energetic expressions of longing to soulful moments of profound thankfulness.
  • Producer: Stuart Hoffman
  • Co-Producer: Fuzzbee Morse
  • Assistant Producer: Jennifer Edwards
  • Graphic Design: Rachna Kanitkar
  • Mixing: Daniel Kresko

From our blog
I Am Moving to a Blog Cabin
I see the future.
Everyone will have a blog. Every blogger's pet will have a blog. Every blog will have a blog. Every blog's blog will have a blog. No one will be reading any of these blogs because everyone will be too busy writing blogs. (Those with ADD will be tweeting.)
Bloggers will occasionally visit other blogs, but only for the purpose of leaving comments that will direct readers back to their own blog.

News from TPRF

“Inside, I Am a Good Man”

Until 1994, if you were a black man growing up under South Africa’s apartheid era (official government policy of racial segregation), you would not have the right to vote, to a decent education or health services. You could be living in a cramped room with your extended family, in a squatter camp, or out on the street — an easy prey to gangs, where guns, drugs, and alcohol are readily available. Chances are by 18 you’d have become a drug addict, have AIDS, or be in prison.
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