sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Manonpeacemission Altaf Bhat

Man On Peace Mission - Altaf BHAT
These news paper cuttings was done by print media on the way of my peace foot march which i started from Mumbai on September 2010,My peace march was against injustice and ignorance by the government of India.As we kashmiri people had been paying all the times.Because we are kashmiris,this is Not only in Kashmir is also out of KashmirIf we are in Kashmir we are getting killed or we are getting arrested there are still many young youths who are since years in the prism why they are not getting released from the prism is just because of ignorance and resistance,innocent people are getting killed till when this will continue now it is going beyond the limit,Our sisters and mothers also had been paying there loving children's had been killed and they are always had been harassing by security forces,One end Indian government is saying that Kashmir is partr of India and in other hands we have been treated more than animals,I will bring many more things to the public during my hunger strike,What and how Indian government and leaders treated me when i was requesting them to stop ignoring the the public of Kashmir,Even i had been saying that government of India must kill the terrorism not to kill terrorist,As no one wish to enter in the terrorism is only the state government ,central government and so called leaders who don't want to stop terrorism in Kashmir because this had become business for them,The day Kashmir issue will finish there business will be finish,i am requesting all the indians who had been supporting me till now for justice and ignorance and who had come to know the truth by me during my peace foot march in the other states of India.(Mumbai,Maharashtra,Gujarat,Rajisthan,Haryana and delhi what and how the government and leaders had been bringing terrorism in valley (PARADISE)Even before i did my hunger strike in Mumbai,And public of India know how i was treated in Manali how police disturbed me there,Even thy was knowing i am on peace march not a terrorist,Now i would like to bring this information to the public also that i have been respecting the law of country in all ways like other kashmiris people but no one try to under stand me apart public,All my live videos on my you tube site,(MAN ON PEACE MISSION ALTAF BHAT) which i have been doing by my own to bring the reality to the government ,Now again i am requesting all the Indians and people of Kashmir please watch the videos and see what i was asking and how public had been supporting my peace mission,Now for me it is not possible to resist more ignorance from the government,That is why i have decided to start my hunger strike from 10 August.The people who believes on peace must come and support my hunger strike for justice and peace in Kashmir,There is no doubt that i went to POK in the year 1990 for terror training when i was just 18 years old,But still i am asking the government why and who bring me to become so called Ex-Terrorist,i don't want to become terrorist like other victims at that time i had only a dream to become educated and have some good job to take care my family like other victims,But it was only because of those people who got there benefits to use young youths of Kashmir,And in present still they are using us,I am non-violence believer i will never do things which will be against religious and law,further i will speak more obout my demands during my hunger strike,support the truth and for justice altaf bhat

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