miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011


Message for kashmiri people,To my own state people,And all  those Who had forget Those sisters and mothers who lost there loving once,People had forgotten Those young youths,Who want to do much in there lives,But today they are in long sleep,And all that,what we and our parents had been facing,Since last 60 years,Why? Why for what we are fighting,Who is with us,How is our own,Who they are,those WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR JUSTICE AND FOR PEACE LIVES,Is if they are fighting for us,And our leaders,Who had been selling us,For there own benefits,They have been using us,our son,our brothers,our own sisters. Before fighting for any cause we have to see,we have to open our eyes, to see is Pakistan or India really want to save Kashmir and Kashmir people,Is state government is doing any thing by heart and soul,to control killings,and other shameless things,for to bring peace back to Kashmir,Is central government of India,Are they intrusted to solve the case of blood valley,? who want to listen the real story with real faces of so called justice people,I was used by our own people,so called our leaders our political leaders and those who had been promising us for justice,It is really sad to me that i did not get any response from people,when one peace man (kashmiri) was harassed in manila ,By police,The person who had been giving his years for this peace mission,who had been walking on foot all our India,for justice,i was bringing real story of Kashmir to the country people and they fully supported me for justice for Kashmir,But again government's had repeat same story of injustice with altaf bhat because i am kashmiri.Not for people around us,they have nothing wrong with us,Even i can say they all are praying for us,All Indian people those who don't know about us the truth what is going on in Kashmir,they all are with us with justice,with peace,except governments,political parties and so called leaders,those who love to see more blood of kashmiri on roads...............injustice person altaf bhat for justice and peace,If you want to know more about me what happen to me,Reply this message ,Or ignore  for injustice. POSTED BY (SSRS) PEACE MISSION FOR HUMANITY........NON-VIOLENCE, NO MORE WAR,NO MORE KILLINGS:E:Mail .altaf.raja@hoymail.com

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