domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

New Movie on Treasure Inside

Treasure Inside Series
Treasure Inside has a new Introduction
Yesterday I finished another movie in the Treasure Inside series. An Explanation is the new introduction to the series. (Yes, I am deleting the old intro "Doorways & Cars". Decided it wasn't good enough.) This new intro is 3 minutes long (3:25 to be exact) and clearly states the thinking behind the series.

"And just what is the behind thinking??" you may be asking. The movies talk about discoveries that come when I feel simple beauty inside myself ... that's all. A pretty universal message, that is, and one that cannot be repeated too much, I believe. I want the movies to be "talk openers" -- that is, a way to start conversations about the beauty inside, if the time calls for other than talk about the weather.

Now that this new intro is finished, I will be working on a DVD collection of whole series. This DVD collection will be sold (at a very low price) on the Treasure Inside website. In addition, it will eventually have the option for closed captioning and translation to Spanish and maybe other languages. 

Viewing the movies
Are you in a coffeeshop? No speakers? HOH? For those who can't hear the sound, there is Closed Captioning on Youtube. Select the movie you want to watch and press the CC button on the right side. If you aren't seeing the captions, enable them via the Youtube playbar. (I'm afraid this is not working right now. My CC doctor will be looking at this soon.)
The best display is through Vimeo, but many computers are not able to play this correctly. If your computer sputters and pauses, try the CC (YouTube) button, or try waiting for the movie to download before playing it.

If you still have trouble, please contact me. I want to find solutions so everybody is able to watch them.

I am planning a bunch more movies and I will be sending email like this for each new movie. If you know anyone who would like to join the mailing list, they can subscribe at the Treasure Inside website.

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