miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Join TPRF on Facebook

Dear friend of TPRF,
TPRF has officially declared July to be Join TPRF on Facebook month. If you (like 700 million others) are on Facebook, you can stay in touch with TPRF and also support TPRF with a simple online action! 
Just go to TPRF’s Facebook page and click the “Like” button. Then you will see TPRF posts in your Facebook news feed, and you can Like them and comment on them.
Every time you Like or comment on a TPRF post, you increase the chances of others becoming aware of the Foundation and engaging in some way with its efforts to help people with clean water, nutritious food, and real peace.
Now, you may not be interested in the Facebook lifestyle, and that’s a personal choice. But if you do enjoy Facebook, please remember to Like TPRF on Facebook and help yourself and the Foundation with one quick click.
Thanks, as always, for your support.

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