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Guru Pooja 17/07/2011

Maharaji graced us today with a surprise event in Birmingham, and we had the opportunity to listen to him. I count myself very fortunate to have attended this event and met him for the fourth time this year.
Maharaji said he accepted the invitation as he remembered people were wanting a Guru Pooja event in UK when he was here in Brighton and  as he happened to be in Barcelona for a 5 day conference he happened to have time to come over!!!
He also reflected on  how on the 17th July he was in LA in USA, and now 40 years later, he was still stuck here  in  UK today!.

He started off by saying that everyone needs  that certain someone to clear the dirt  which is constantly accumulated in their lives and to show them the way by bringing clarity.
He reiterated that a true Guru is the one who would show you how to go within. He said ," A Guru doesn't show miracles but makes you aware of the miracle that is happening within."

I will share this parable with you which he shared with us at the event.

 He said once upon a time there was a husband and a wife who lived on their own as the children had all grown up and left the house.
 The wife was constantly focused on how to make her and her husband's life happy.
She wanted them to lead a healthy and a happy life by mantaining a strict vegetarian diet and exercise routine. Everyday she cooked vegetables, they also had fruits, and plenty of exercise formed their daily routine.
Due to all this, they lived a healthy and a happy lifestyle for years until they both died. Upon reaching Heaven, they met up with the well known Hindu Saint Narad Muni. Narad Muni showed them their residence and sure enough, it was pretty lavish, made up of marble and golden doors etc.
Surprised at this, they both asked Narad if this was for them. " Sure I wouldn't show it to you if God didn't want  you to have it,"  said Narad.

Next he showed them their beautifully decorated bedrooms with huge wardrobes and expensive jewelery and clothing. Surely, this cannot be for us!," said the couple. Narad replied," Oh no, no, it is. These are all for you.
Come I will show you other facilities , such as the swimming pool, the gym etc."
 Sure enough these were equally as lavish. The amazed couple were then led to the kitchen and were warmly greeted by dozens of servants and chefs at their service. By this point the couple were a little hungry so they decided to eat.
At the dinner table they couldn't believe what they saw, there were dozens of beautifully prepared dishes, as the chefs had prepared  quite a spread for them.

By this point, the husband had become quite frustrated and he said to the wife," You are such a FOOL!"  Unable to contain herself, the wife asked  him why.
To this the husband responded," Well, if you hadn't made us both exercise and maintain the strict  diet, we would have been in HEAVEN ages ago!!" 

The important point Maharaji was driving at was that we, as humans look for happiness everywhere and in everything but ourselves.

We all have that hunger for happiness, and a true Guru can and should show us the  way again and again.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Jai satchitanand. ♥ ♥

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