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A Chance at Last

prisoner shares story about finding peaceA letter from inmate William W.
For nine months, I was part of a workshop on Inner Peace at the Dominguez State Jail in San Antonio, Texas. Because of this group, my life has changed. I now see that I have a chance at last.
I am 56 years old and had it all to lose, and I did four times. I entered the Department of Criminal Justice and was given a bunk, once again to find myself just a number. As I put on my white clothes again, I felt the walls close in. I have prayed and not understood and blamed the wrong ones.
I look around. I see what is at hand: “Inner peace.” What, I ask, is that? What I found was a man on TV. What I heard on that TV was too simple to be true.
For a week it worked on me. From the inside, something scared me. How can what is inside of me possibly help me? I wondered. I leave the room with Prem Rawat’s words running through my head. I am hearing something, not understanding how to comprehend it, accept the experiences of it.
I found peace in a place where there is none. I took in something new inside of myself. As real fulfillment came over me, it brought a new understanding of myself and showed me what was in my heart.
Now I have information that makes me more accountable, a perspective that has given my life significance and meaning and, most of all, inner peace—applied directly to the wounds of my life. I found the direction I longed for.
I learned from the message of Prem Rawat how the smallest thing overlooked has brought a real change in how I see life—opening up a hope, joy, and peace never found before. Life without purpose and fulfillment was like riding on a rocking horse, making much motion but no progress.
Thanks to the volunteers at this unit, a man on TV has changed the way I see life. I have found freedom because of their love for Prem Rawat’s message of peace.
Thank you, Mr. Rawat, for showing me real peace comes only as I seek it. The seed of fulfillment has grown into inward cleanness and peace. I am leaving this unit a changed man. You have showed me how to smell the perfume of life and how to enjoy being part of it. I can never thank you enough for helping me find purpose, fulfillment and peace.

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