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WOPG Newsletter - Running up and down the aisles, a Q & A session in Sicily and more

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Running Up and Down the Aisles

One of the good things about having a living teacher is that often he/she says something that goes in so deep that it becomes a kind of radioactive isotope of truth — radiating from the inside out forever.
One particular moment like this happened for me a few years ago.

I’m fascinated with wasps. My shed is full of them. They build their nests by gluing a stem to a ceiling or wall and then adding hexagonal cells to accommodate the larval babies soon deposited there by the queen. And they're always busy. They bring supplies like food to the larvae or chewed wood from a nearby tree to make paper for the nest. On their final approach they identify themselves through chemical and visual means, sometimes flying off again after receiving a message from the group.


What? Why? How Could It Be Possible?
During Mazara del Vallo's Week of Peace and Solidarity, Prem Rawat answered questions from high school students about what the search for peace means: both societally and individually.

On the road

Report: Event in Santiago - May 1, 2011

Flanked by the soaring peaks of the Andes, Santiago remains one of the most bustling cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. On Sunday, May 1, 2011, Maharaji arrived in this busy capital to speak to over two thousand people about a responsibility that's separate from the responsibilities of modern life: to know one's self.
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