lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Rajesh Patel after attending events in Brighton,...

He said, "Every day should be celebrated. It is not about 40 or 45 years, it is about now..." Emphasis were put on Practicing Knowledge and celebrating each day. He also said a lot about his journey through time but he now wants the youth to come up wih dreams and enthusiasm to carry his simple yet profound "Message Of Peace" forward into the future. He talked about how his message is watched on Words Of Peace TV throughout this world and how well is received by people of All Cultures and Religion. There were amazing videos to watch and one had a story of a prisoner in Tihar Jail and a video documentary of how Maharaji's message and Knowledge had transformed his life. On the second and last session yesterday, we had a surprise song sung by Daya Rawat. It was a very old song with some new funky beats. Oh! we had an amazing celebration event.

He also spoke in Hindi about the meaning of Asli Bhakti and couple of quotes from Kabirdas Ji in response to some expressions from a couple of people from UK's Indian Communities. As we know both languages he speaks we have Dono Haath Mein Laddu. He also gave some funny examples: How we still haven't forgotten our monkeyness and made us laugh. He filled our hearts and recharged our batteries by reminding us about the most important things in our lives and how fortunate we are!! Truly Amazing!!!!!

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