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Inmates in correctional facilities around the world are listening to Prem Rawat’s message of peace. Most attend weekly workshops where they watch videos brought to them by TPRF volunteers and have interactive discussions. Some have access to audiotapes or watch videos on a computer. Some only have a few reading materials they might borrow from the prison library.

However they receive the message, whatever language they speak or culture they are from, they have expressed profound appreciation for the way their life has changed as a result. Many send letters directly to Prem Rawat or addressed to him at TPRF. Below are just a few of the many expression letters that have been received:

Dear Prem Rawat, My life has changed with your message. It makes me feel more human than ever before. I used to be lonely, like an abandoned flower in the desert.
– Ezeiza Women’s Prison, Argentina

I can change my way of living. I’ve become aware that to be in peace with oneself is the most marvelous thing.
– Cancun Public Municipal Jail, Mexico

In my life I was always worried. I had fears of waking up every day in prison. I started to listen to Prem Rawat, and he taught me to enjoy this life. Today the peace is in me, something I didn’t know. Knowing peace makes me feel good.
– Zonderwater Prison, S. Africa

Dear Prem Rawat, Before, I couldn’t feel the meaning and the value of my existence until two months ago when they brought your message. Now I no longer face my life with confusion but with gratitude. What you bring is the value that is full of hope and a bright future.”
– Taoyuan Women’s Jail, Taiwan

I used to be angry all the time before I started coming to these classes. My family and my wife told me they see a big difference in the way I’m acting and carry myself now. Thank you so much for helping us to find that inner peace.
– Dominguez State Jail, Texas

Thank you for providing a perspective that has given my life significance, meaning, and most of all, peace—applied directly to the wounds of my life—that personally, privately, and powerfully give me the direction I longed for.
– Dominguez State Jail, Texas

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