jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

July Campaign

Hi Everybody!

I’d like to give you a quick overview of a very exciting TPRF project for the month of July. It’s a push to increase the number of people on Facebook who Like TPRF. In this doc, I'm going to use the word "fan" when referring to someone who has Liked one of the three (English, Spanish, and Italian) TPRF Facebook Pages.  We have a total of almost 8,000 fans.

One of our Social Media goals for 2011 is to increase the number of fans of TPRF's Facebook Pages.

Each new fan has the potential to further all the goals listed in our Social Media Policy. Becoming a fan strengthens the bond between TPRF and a constituent, plus it opens new lines of communication between TPRF and that constituent. This allows increased awareness growth via FB sharing and makes financial contributions through Causes and tprf.org more likely in the future. We have an opportunity to reach a huge number of people and establish future support for the life-affirming humanitarian work of TPRF and its Founder.

Right now, we are gaining about 1,000 fans per month.  At this rate, we would reach about 15,000 by year’s end, which was the goal we set at the start of 2011.

That’s not bad, but I think we can do better. TPRF is going to make July Join TPRF on Facebook Month and conduct a campaign to have a major jump in fans during the month of July.

This will be a multi-faceted campaign. Current fans will get posts encouraging them to share the page and invite their friends to join.  The collective Universe of Friends of our 8,000 fans is around 2 million people, so there is plenty of room to grow!

Also included in the campaign would be:
-Two bulletins to TPRF’s internal email list.
-Two bulletins to the FFP Cause members
-At least two Tweets
-Support from WOPG, hopefully including
Posts on WOPG’s Facebook Page
         A mention in a WOPG email.
-Sharing the goal and the plan with TPRFnet members and enlisting your help

This is a perfect campaign for the summer. Liking a Page is a very easy thing for people to do. I think we can have some fun with it and hopefully see a major jump in fans in one month.  I'm setting our internal goal at exceeding 10,000 fans by end of July, but I bet we can swing a few thousand more than that!

Thank you very much for your interest and support.


Vice-President, TPRF

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