lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Heaven On Earth - The Brighton Event. - Part One and - now Part Two ,- Things Are Getting Better .

The event in Brighton went way beyond my wildest expectations - So very very much Love filled our hearts - it was more than palpable in the auditorium - So much laughter , Real belly laughs , over and over again - tears of laughter streaming down my face - His presence dissolved all problems - Tears of Pure Love welling up over and over and over again - He showed me again the true meaning of the word Bliss . - The Clarity of Understanding ,The Feeling of Who I Truly Am , was revealed to me, - He Is My Master . And I love Him. - And I want to Help Him in His Mission to give everyone on this planet the opportunity to hear about His Most Wonderful Knowledge. - - In the wind and the rain we all arrived at the Brighton conference centre on the morning of the 17th,- After a couple of great videos and an introduction by Ron Greaves ,- Maharaji came on stage :- In His own inimitable way He started off by saying that today was just like any other day, and that everyday was a day for celebration. - Of course He then continued , reminding us of the '70s and just how very wild we where back then - He spoke of the first house He stayed in ,in Lincoln Street in London, and how on the first morning He came down stairs , and the premies had a chair with a white sheet over it for Him to sit on , - Well, He said that when He sat down there was just about 3 or 4 premies sat in front of Him , and He was looking at them and they were looking at Him - And He thought " OMG what have I let myself in for ? ". - He spoke about how a lot of the premies in those days ,had eyes that where " smoked " or " red eye " [ stoned ] , and that He didn't know if they would ever practice , - He said that some of us were just looking for another religion and that others [ me for one ] , just wanted a quick fix so that we could be put into a permanent state of enlightenment ! , He went on to explain what true enlightenment actually was . - He then said that " looking around the hall today I can see many faces from back then, so you must have been responsible enough to practice " - He also said that there was many premies from back then that are not here today , because they have now passed on - But He said that they were still with us today in the Hall , and He said that in fact they were at every single event , but that they never had to bother with registration ! ! ! . - He said so very much on a variety of topics - He said about us premies ," Listen , I Know you Love Knowledge " - - He spoke about how we all were actually Apes , Chimpanzees - And He proceeded to explain how and why that all our behaviour was just like chimps , and then He started to mimic a chimp - Can you Imagine ? - He was pulling all the facial expressions and grimaces that chimps do , - He returned to this topic more than once - But believe me it was hilarious [ I reckon that if He ever wanted to change career He would make a brilliant comedian ! ]. - He was with His beloved Premies , and He let His hair down - Personally I have my doubts that the video of the event will ever be on public release , maybe in an abridged format - I hope so ? - He was saying expletive type words like, Pissed , Christ ! , OMG. -So Funny ! ! ! . - He spoke of many serious subjects like , Famine , Democracy ,- He said that there was more than enough food on this planet to feed every single person many times over , But that a few greedy people were hoarding it in food mountains for their own profit . - He said that His understanding of Democracy , in its simplest form , was that a few people [ the capable ones ] would take care of the majority ,- But what was actually happening was that the majority were looking after the few greedy ones - He said " That's Not Democracy ". ----------------- [ I'll try to tell a bit more later ]     -  -   -  -    OK -  One of the many many things that He said that really struck a chord, was my own understanding of His explaination of why the present Convention Halls that we use, where too small, and He indicated why we couldn't book the bigger Arenas as we had in the in the past  - But because The Brighton Convention Centre [ and similar ] were at the top of the middle priced range of large Halls and therefore where still affordable . - But unfortunately the Big Halls like the National Convention Centre , The Wembley Convention Centre , Etc. had now been priced so incredibly high that we premies would not be able to afford them. - He said that for this Celebration Event , the premie organisers wanted to book a Big Hall for the Event and do the Full Works , like have an Orchestra and do many other things over a few days [ wouldn't that have been something ?] - But Maharaji in His kindness , said No ,- Because He said , that if they [we ] did that , then there would have been many premies who are sitting in this Hall right now who would not be able to afford to come - Because, even if the cost of the Event was divided equally between us all , then many of us wouldn't have been able to afford to go !, and on top of that there would have been Hotel and Transport costs as well, So that's why He said No. - BUT and this is the exciting bit , He said that He had been looking into Cutting Edge Technology of very Big Transportable Venues that we could Buy , and transport to wherever we wanted to have an Event, and that it would only take about 4 or 5 Events to pay for Itself ! ! ! . -  To me that sounds Incredibly Wonderful because we could do Events anywhere, whenever He chose to do them , and the Events would be able to last much longer than the limited time that is available to us now because of the difficulty of hiring and paying for Event Venue's that we are currently struggling with now ! ! , Maharaji also said that He - " likes Events ", - which I was very glad to hear , because we must make no mistake that He is NOT obliged to attend any Event If He doesn't want to ! ! !. - Suggestion ; Why don't we start a Venue Fund , so that we can help pay towards this particular objective , because in my view Maharaji gave the distinct impression that He was very excited about this particular Idea of His ? ? [ It's worth thinking about , at least ] .. He spoke about Fukishima , and how out of their kindness somebody in the past had carved on a stone for all to see - " Do Not Build Below This Level " , and they had placed the stone in a prominent position at the height of the known flood plain. - But Maharaji said that many had ignored this dire warning and built below the level of the stone marker because they wanted a house near the sea with a good view Etc. - Maharaji used this story as an analogy to warn us [ in my own opinion that is ] against not taking heed to His previous advice that He has given many times before ; Of building our hopes of Peace and Contentment on our Ideas and Concepts based on external things , that can come crashing down around us - He spoke of our Ideas of a little house with a little white painted picket fence around it - And of Marriage and Divorce and Seperation - Of how just a few days before the Event He was listening to His driver while being driven around in the car , The driver was bemoaning the fact that his wife had just recently run off with another man - Maharaji Just laughed and said " Good ", - Well that struck a personal chord with me , because unfortunately ,[ or maybe not :-]] I have a couple of ex's , who incidentally have also recieved the techniques of Knowledge , and at least one of them were also sitting in the Hall at the time ! ! !. - But joking aside , His advice is So Very True and I should definitely take heed and not keep on making the same mistakes over and over again - Of putting all my trust and hopes on external circumstances when I know full well that everything that can be seen with these eyes is impermanent and constantly changing, And Instead I should be tying my rope to the Rock of Knowledge - The One thing that will never ever let me down or desert me . - He spoke of Darshan , and I really did hope that we all would get the opportunity to " walk the line ", but no, it wasn't to be . - But I have now come away from one of the most Incredible Events that I have ever attended in my Life , walking on cloud nine , but with my feet more firmly on the ground than ever - AS IF I HAD JUST WALKED OUT OF THE DARSHAN LINE ! ! !. - Lets try to help Him buy this transportable Event Hall so we will be able to share more of this valuable precious time that we have on this wonderful planet with our Master - Mr. Prem [ as they apparently call Him in Brazil ]. - Thank you ALL for your time in reading my story , just one of the thousands that were lucky enough to attend this Event in Brighton on the 17th and 18th June 2011. - Love and all the very best to you all -  Tom. 

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