martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Barcelona Event, 25th June 2011

Addressing the audience in Forum Auditorium, M said that he was not a philosopher, because philosophy is about presuming, not about knowing. Then the all speech was an elaboration on observation, or believing vs. knowing; clarity vs. confusion.

We have a choice, if you want to be confused,  just turn on TV and go through the channels. However, you can practice one hour and save the rest of 23 hours.

People are asking for blessings, but the most beautiful blessing is the breath. 'Live happily after' is possible only with this breath. Cinderella story is not true.

At the end, he announced Daya, as an artist, and she sang a beautiful song accompanied on solo guitar, in Spanish and English. She looked wonderful in black for a festive occasion. They both wave their hands for goodbye.

M has such a sense of humor and clarity, and gives colorful examples, that it is not easy at all to retell his talks, and these are just main points, in my view.

The video, before his address, was very touching, describing a Malaysian lady and an Indian (from India, not America) man from different social status, high and low, with the same  longing for satisfaction.

Next day, remembering the Malaysian lady and looking at the blue sea from Barcelona's beach, full of sail-boats and seagulls, breathing that rich air as a most beautiful perfume,  standing by the fence, as if on a boat, I just wanted to stay on board, with Knowledge, with that magic, and be safe forever and ever. The feeling was one of immense thankfulness.

Later on a plane, going back to Belgrade, Serbia, reading a magazine, again, like a flash of insight, I remembered what M said about fancy magazines selling dreams. But the reality just shown, was much more beautiful than any dream.

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