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What is that commercial for Words of Peace doing on the Ellen Show? 
It's a First!  Scroll the promos & see the schedule.

The promos are also running on the Tonight Show?
And the Marilyn Denis Show?
And the evening news?
Another first for this incubator project is to use TV commercials to promote our show.
What a novel concept. 
A "brand awareness" is created even if TV viewers don't go to our site to watch the show..

TV Commercials airing to promote the Words of Peace TV show

Produced and edited by Bill Slater

Produced by Ian Lade, edited by Bill Slater

Schedule of Words of Peace Promos on /A\Channel
This times in this schedule are for the eastern time zone. 

Why Week Two is a replay of Week One

Week One was an exceptional introductory show showcasing TPRF, The Prem Rawat Foundation .  
The producer of Words of Peace TV elected to replay the first show again for two reasons.
TV promos are starting to air this week promoting the TV show, so why not start new viewers out with
an excellent show. As well, TPRF is inviting their fanbase of over 400,000 to view our Canadian series. Another
good reason to introduce them to TPRF and the message of peace with a winner.

So invite your friends and email and Facebook contacts to view the show on TV this Saturday, 
or online anytime.  Here's an easy way to invite them .

The series will actually continue for 8 weeks starting this weekend.

How to watch on TV and online


Words of Peace airs across Canada on 
Bell ExpressVu (219), Shaw Direct (346), 
and on many local cable channels in 
Southern Ontario and other areas.

Check your TV Guide listings.

The Online show is posted for live stream 

as soon as the TV show airs.
The show can be accessed 24/7 at

The Canadian show was watched around the world

Green indicates country of viewers.
Viewers from over 60 countries checked this out!

Media Launch attracts 400 people

The first ever online event for Words of Peace TV in Canada drew approximately 400 attendees from across Canada and a few from around the world.

The meeting place was an online site for an online webinar, accompanied by local media launch parties. The party venues included living rooms, restaurants, cafes and community centres.

People had a chance to get an overview of the 8 week series campaign, as well as a preview of
the first show, complete with commercials.

The guest presenter was Timothy O'Brien, director of Media Services for Words of Peace internationally. Listen to his presentation. Click here .


UPDATE!  - Friday April 29th

  • See how to help out in 2 minutes or less. Go here .
  • Note! The episode to be shown starting Saturday is very dynamic. It is a special video made by TPRF.  It makes a great first introduction to this message. 
  • Have you read the Blogs? Go here .
  • Here is a special web address so you can invite friends, family and associates: 
    (go look!) .  (That's right: dot com, not dot ca)

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