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Being of the Jewish persuasion, I'm not exactly the kind of person given to confession, but allow me the ecumenical luxury of confessing at least one thing in this first paragraph of what may well turn out to be the Mahabharata of blog postings:
Writing about Maharaji and the gift that he offers is not easy.

As Prem Rawat once reminded me, an average lifespan lasts seventy years, a measly 25,550 days. Some of us have spent 75% of that already. Younger ones hopefully have a bit more. All of us, whoever we are, sleep almost half of that time and, all in all, it's tempting to bemoan the brevity of human life — the proverbial three score and ten of our earthly sojourn.

On the road

Report: Event in Buenos Aires - April 24, 2011

During the late afternoon of April 24, Maharaji entered the Micro Estadio Malvinas Argentinas to address an audience of 3,950 people, the stadium nearly reaching its capacity. He spoke intimately despite the size of the crowd, the audience responding warmly as if listening to an old friend.
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Humanitarian aid

TPRF Awarded 4 Stars by Charity Navigator for Third Time

Charity Navigator, considered America’s premier evaluator for US non-profit organizations, has once again awarded TPRF their highest rating of 4 stars. The Charity Navigator rating system includes an analysis of how efficiently the organization uses its support and how well it is growing its services over time. This is the third consecutive award of Four Stars for TPRF.

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