martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Prem Rawat Honored in Mazara, Italy

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Posted By: The Prem Rawat Foundation
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Prem Rawat Honored in Mazara, Italy

TPRF founder Prem Rawat was honored on 27 May 2011 during a “Week of Peace and Solidarity” sponsored by the Mayor of Mazara, Italy with TPRF, under the high patronage of the President of Italy, featuring exhibitions and videos, plus a Presidential Medal for the best plan to make Mazara a “Territory of Peace”. If you missed the live feed, see Prem Rawat’s address and other material at:

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Prem Rawat in Mazara, Italy - 27 May 2011

Link: Prem Rawat in Mazara, Italy - 27 May 2011

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