martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

Nouveau document : Words of Peace TV! Mji

What if words could evoke a feeling in you? A sense of contentment. Of inner peace. Of feeling at home in yourself? Would you listen long enough to feel it?

For eight weeks, watch a TV show that is changing the lives of millions around the world. !!!
Words of Peace TV International Awards !!!♥

Canadians are talking about Words of Peace TV!

We extend a genuine invitation to watch the show. Our hope is that you will be inspired to pursue peace in your own life - in whatever way you see fit. Sincerely,
The Canadian Words of Peace TV team and many other volunteers who are passionate about making the show available “It's about seeing how personal peace is not a theory. That it is real, available and learnable. That it is the solution for Feeling Good. Anytime. Anywhere. That personal peace is not affected by your age, beliefs, culture, upbringing, or how much money you do or don’t have. That it is, in fact, something that we have as a birthright. That we can learn to access it inside of ourselves, individually and personally. The ONLY cost: our interest.”


"Hearing these words seems to clear away my worries, uplift my spirit, encourage me and make me laugh all in one small half hour. I value the message, the speaker, and the people who take the time to make this message possible."

"My advice: just watch the show. Block out the time and watch it. But watch it with your heart open. It's not intellectual stuff. Brilliant, but not intellectual."
"In my busy, frantic paced week, where I'm rushing around every minute, sitting down to watch Words of Peace is like drinking at the oasis - 30 minutes of calm, tranquil words to help me remember what enjoyment of life is about. It's refreshing!"

"Words of Peace takes me straight to my heart where I feel the best to be. I appreciate watching the show right in my living room especially now that my physical health plays its role and age is advancing. Thank you all for this beautiful service." “...listening to Words of Peace,

just changes my day.” “Peace: we all need a bit of that in today's world.” “It calms me, rejuvenates me;gives me the support to face another day!” "...and there's basically so much crap on TV and along comes this show. And finally, something worth watching." “It always reminds me of the important things in life.” “See if it resonates with you...”

“This is our time. I’m alive. You are alive. This should mean something.
Maybe it is more fascinating to read about people who are not around.
Obviously, it’s much more fascinating to read about people who are not around; about civilizations that are not around, people whose time it isn’t.
But what about, to be a real player in your own life - in this time ...? When we are.
When we are. When we do exist.”Maharaji♥

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