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A New Adventure for TPRF and TAP


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Posted By: The Prem Rawat Foundation
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A New Adventure for TPRF and TAP

You'll remember that 3 months ago, TPRF provided matching donations for The Adventure Project’s (TAP) TYPE TAP program.
This time around, the inspiration comes from Bill Gates, who recently challenged readers of his blog to develop tools to increase awareness of the importance of small farmers in addressing the problem of hunger.
Never ones to shrink from a challenge, TAP is responding with its One to 1000initiative, and TPRF is one of its sponsors. This program will not only increase awareness of this important subject, but also help 1,000 small farmers in Africa through TAP's collaboration with Kickstart.
It's a brilliant plan. The key idea is for at least 1,000 people to set up an about.me page that tells the small farmer story. Read all about it here, and then set up your ownabout.me profile. You'll probably be glad to have one. Express it in your own unique voice, and please do mention TPRF as a supporter.

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