martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

e conscious of every day that is given to you, because that day is never ever going to come back.

That which you think is yours but can be taken away is not really yours. There is one thing that is within you that no one can take away from you...That's yours. ~~ This head is very good at turmoil - this heart is very good at calming. ~~ People try to control the mind, but it is not in the nature of the mind to be controlled. The mind will tell you, “Catch me. Control me,” and it will make you run around like a dog trying to catch its own tail. ~~ Peace is a feeling, an undeniable feeling not born of thought. ~~
"Peace is not the negation of war:
It is the negation of the warring tendencies in the human being, Peace is not an issue of institutions. It is people who start the WARS. If people start respecting PEACE, then there will be PEACE. The peace we are looking for is within us.That is where we will find it.
Peace is within the heart of each being. If we want peace in our lives, it is definitely possible. We don’t have to create peace, we have to usher it in..... ~~ Peace is not necessary in the mind; it is necessary in the heart. The mind and intellect cannot capture peace. They have a different function. Peace, joy, and true happiness are not subjects for thought. They can only be felt. There is a feeling behind being alive. There are no explanations for it. It is the feeling that one has to get to—because that is where there is comfort, that is where there is joy, that is where there is satisfaction. It is in that feeling that we need to live our lives. Somehow, we think that we need an explanation of what peace is, but peace cannot be explained; it can only be felt. ~~ Peace is not just something nice to have; it is something we need to feel. We need the solid footing of peace in our existence. That is why this journey is so important. How do we prepare ourselves to accept that what we are looking for is within? First, we need to turn down the noise of the distractions on the outside so we can see the contrast between what comes from the outside and what can be felt within. When we begin to feel that contrast, it becomes easier and easier to see that the peace, the beauty, the joy that we are looking for are already within. Then the acceptance grows that there is a world within.~~
In the heart of every human being resides God. In the temple of the heart, I too, feel that feeling - that within me resides that beauty, that power. It is no coincidence that when I turn within, my heart is filled with joy. The blessing is joy. The blessing is peace. In my life, I have to choose that every single day.
~~Today, a breath came into me and brought me the gift of life.
For this, I am filled with gratitude.
For this, I'm eternally thankful because today I am alive. What does that mean?When I am in that thankfulness, aware of what I have been given, it doesn't have to mean anything.
When your child was a little baby and looked at you and just smiled one of those smiles that melted you, did it have to mean anything? In that moment, all that was needed was a smile back, and everything was said.

I don't think there is enough paper on the face of this earth to write what it meant.

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