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WOPG Newsletter - The potential in a seed, escaping cows, the latest from Sao Paulo and more

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Two Sago Palm Seeds
The sago palm is a small plant that grows in southern climates and is often seen in front yards or incorporated into the landscape of urban architecture. Its long, spiny leaves create an interesting counterpoint to lawns and buildings. Only a few feet in height, its fronds spring up from a central core and curve back towards the ground like a green fountain.

Handy Sanctuary
One summer afternoon, when I was just a small boy on my family’s farm, I was enjoying some solitary time in my private playground — an area between a chicken house, granary and grove — when, idly peeking around the corner of the granary, I saw our cattle making a meandering escape from their yard: a gate hadn't been secured.

On the road

Report: Event in São Paulo - April 17, 2011

Flying by helicopter above the skyline of São Paulo — his aircraft stark against the pinkish haze of the smog — Maharaji slowly approached the rooftop of a skyscraper located in the heart of Brazil's largest city. He had come to speak to 900 people already familiar with his teachings, the second time he has visited Brazil in the past eight months.
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Around the world

Contest for Peace in Sicily

Under the high patronage of President Giorgio Napolitano, of the Italian Republic and with the leadership of Mayor Nicolò Cristaldi, the town of Mazara del Vallo is sponsoring a writing contest on the theme of “Peace: A Human Heritage and a Human Right.”
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