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WOPG Newsletter - Coffee addictions, sudden storms, the latest news from India and some innovative humanitarian teamwork

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It’s Not Just The Coffee
I’m trying to write my second novel.  It’s not easy, to say the least. I am confident, however, that this is a universal truth among authors attempting to write their first or seventy-first long piece of fiction or nonfiction, no matter how much their reasons may vary. My major roadblock seems to be an increasing disenchantment with sitting alone in a room for long periods of time.

The Deluge of Love
The rain fell so hard on the fields that you couldn’t see anything in front of you: a sudden storm that catches you without an umbrella, nowhere to hide and watch it go by. Torrential rain. My light blue raincoat was drenched within seconds and my boots covered in mud. The wind howled and the waving trees shed their leaves. Hundreds of people were standing in the open air, nowhere to hide from the storm — one of the most ferocious I've ever seen.
It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I must have been only five or six.

On the road

Report: India Tour - March 2011

Over the month of March, lucky audiences across the northeastern region of India had multiple opportunities to hear — and sometimes interact with — Maharaji. Flying by helicopter rather than plane, he stopped in Gaya, Mirzapur, Choreya, Ranchi and Delhi to speak about the innate possibility of peace. People came by the thousands, though some meetings were extremely intimate in number.
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Humanitarian aid

TPRF Teaming Up To Relieve Thirst

Sometimes all it takes is a little initiative and ingenuity to make a world of change. At least that seems to be the attitude of Becky Straw, one of two people responsible for founding The Adventure Project.
It all began when — frustrated with the unsustainable and shortsighted efforts of many charities — Becky realized that poverty could only be relieved if we reinvented the way we give. Charity shouldn't be short-term. It should empower the people that receive it so that every dollar spent creates a long-term effect.
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