domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Planting Hope in Lima, Peru

concert in lima, peru for peace eventA few people can make a big difference. Five volunteers from Lima, Peru have formed a non-profit organization named “Planting Hope and Wellbeing” to raise awareness for the work of TPRF and Prem Rawat’s message of peace. The group recently put on an event called “Human Development and a Culture of Peace.”
Held outdoors on Saturday, March 26 in the food court of a Lima shopping center, the event featured live music and videos introducing the humanitarian work of TPRF to an audience of 120 people. According to Maritza Espinoza, one of the volunteers, the audience was comprised primarily of families hearing about TPRF for the first time.
The event began with soft, welcoming music played on flute and drums. This was followed by a video created by Spanish filmmaker Fernando Garcia featuring images of the lost Incan civilization shot in Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains. Against this background, the narrator presented a general introduction to the topic of peace interspersed with quotes by Prem Rawat.
Live “Reggaeton” music followed, performed by two brothers, Sean and Kevin Rivadeneira, popular local musicians. Next, group Yacomego performed Rock and Folk songs about love and peace. After the live music, the crowd went silent while “Giving from the Heart,” a fourteen-minute video featuring highlights from Prem Rawat’s public speaking events and the humanitarian aid work of TPRF was shown.
The event was partially subsidized by the management of the shopping center, which supplied musical equipment, a movie screen, and projector. Maritza Espinoza said the managers have invited the Lima volunteers to put on more events like this one because they are interested in “presenting events that cultivate better values in people.”
One attendee of the event said: “All that I heard, observed, and learned today left a very special feeling in me. It is a subject that you do not hear much about. Most organizations are focused on topics related to business, publicity, product advertisements, and investments. They leave aside ideas related to universal values, which touch the internal being of individuals. Coming to this presentation was a very pleasant experience for me. I fully enjoyed the feeling of tranquility and peace.”
On April 15th, at the invitation of the shopping center management, the Lima volunteers held a similar event at another shopping center in central Peru. Four hundred people attended this event, and fifty people attended a follow-up event introducing Prem Rawat’s message of peace (

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