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Contest for Peace in Sicily

Students engaged with Prem Rawat at Mazara, Sicily, city council meeting in 2009Mazara del Vallo sponsors contest under high patronage of President of Italy
Under the high patronage of President Giorgio Napolitano, of the Italian Republic and with the leadership of Mayor Nicolò Cristaldi, the town of Mazara del Vallo is sponsoring a writing contest on the theme of “Peace: A Human Heritage and a Human Right.” (SeeMazara del Vallo website here.)
One of the stated aims of the competition is to “honor our fellow citizen Prem Rawat for his dual commitment as a witness for peace and promoter of humanitarian initiatives.” In 2009, Mr. Rawat was made an honorary citizen of Mazara del Vallo in a special ceremony at the town hall.
All students in high school or university under the age of twenty-seven who live in the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo may submit an essay proposing a humanitarian initiative that would help to make their town into a real “Territory of Peace.”
President Giorgio Napolitano will offer the President of the Republic’s Medal to the winner of the contest, a special honor in addition to the prizes for the top three contestants.
Following is an English translation of the contest page on the Mazaro del Vallo website:

Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic
(President Giorgio Napolitano has decided to award, as a prize, the President of the Republic’s Medal)
on the theme “Peace: a Human Heritage and a Human Right. Propose a Humanitarian Initiative which is able to begin to turn your town into a real Territory of Peace.”

Any student, either individually or in groups, not above the age of 27, who is resident in the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo and who is attending high school or university, may take part.

The deadline for presenting projects is the 2nd May 2011.

The following prizes will be awarded:
1st prize: a notebook computer worth €1,000;
2nd prize: a notebook computer worth €750;
3rd prize: book, CD, DVD certificate for the value of €250.

One of the aims of the competition is to spread a culture of peace and integration, promote human rights, support freedom and the dialogue between peoples and to honor our fellow citizen Prem Rawat for his dual commitment both as a witness for peace and as a promoter of humanitarian initiatives.

Taking part in the competition is free of charge.
Instructions and entry forms are available on the Mazara del Vallo Town Council’s web site.

Under the patronage of:
The Italian Senate
The President of the Lower House of Representatives
The Ministry of Education, University and Research
The Ministry for Equal Opportunities
The Ministry of Justice
In cooperation with:
Associazione Percorsi
The Mayor
The Honorable Nicolò Cristaldi

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