viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Update: Words of Peace Global Event Fund Initiative: Success... with room to grow!

Words of Peace Global
Dear Blanca,
Last year we called for your help, and many of you answered the call. As of March 3, we have 775 more monthly donors. That amounts to €23,754 (USD $33,020) more per month — €285,048 (USD $396,240) more per year! — from all of you in new and increased contributions. This is a remarkable achievement, and we can't express our gratitude enough.
Room to Grow   
We're so much closer to our goal of 1,000 new donors and €29,163 (USD $40,000) more per month in new and increased contributions — but we still need help to get there. Presentations continue across North America, Latin America and Europe to find others who want to be a part of this. If you haven't already started a monthly contribution, please join in this effort to make Prem Rawat's message and events freely available.
We're 80% of the Way to the Goal
From around the world, if just 225 of us began contributing (or increased our current contribution) by an average of €22 (USD $30) per month, we'd be there. Some might contribute less, some more. Pulling together, it's amazing what can happen.

Every effort counts.

Warm regards,
Jorge Perez-Fadon and Barbara Brogan
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