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The Benalmadena Town Hall organizes a workshop on Wellness and Self-knowledge with volunteers from the Peace is Possible

Several professionals will showcase their views on welfare since the values of education for peace, medicine, ecology and creativity.

It is an interactive workshop, open to communication, culture and creativity led by professionals in education , medicine and the arts. The goal is to create an environment of reflexion with practical suggestions to improve general well-being in people.

It will have a monthly basis and is aimed at college students of Seniors University and any interested public.

On February 8th, the workshop was inaugurated in the Center for Lifelong Learning in Benalmadena-Arroyo, by the Councillor for Education and social affairs followed by the first presentation entitled: "News of Gandhi's pacifist ideology values peace "...

Next Tuesday, March 1st Ms. Guillermina Durán, family doctor, will discuss how to combat stress.

On Tuesday April 5th, the topic of consumerism, ecology and volunteering with volunteers from CUDECA-ONG working with terminally ill cancer patients.

On Tuesday May 3rd Self-knowledge and Happiness, will be discussed with a designated rapporteur.

And on Tuesday June 7th, the theme will be "Peace and Beauty " with a concert farewell party.

The contents of the first lecture on contemporary philosophy of Gandhi, to commemorate the January 30, Day of Non-violence, was on the concepts of "active peace, " "nonviolence"and "internalization"of peace as a powerful idea in the implementation of their projects.

Gandhi was a clear example of how peace is effective in resolving conflicts when accompanied by an inner belief and identification with the values of life.
Humanitarian motivation for taking his fellow extreme poverty led Gandhi to consider the values of peace as a tool of progress, freedom and identity for its people.

The values of peace (active peace, dialogue, tolerance and respect for the races, languages and religions) are the complement to the basic values that sustain life (livelihood, work organization and sharing food dela).

Founding Charter N.U. work and further developed by UNESCO, through values education, is the clearest exponent of the term of his pacifist ideals.

The presentation ended with an excerpt from the DVD of the 60 Anniversary of United Nations UNESCO Association in Los Angeles, and the power point prepared by volunteer Dineke for Peace is Possible, "A seed that germinates”.

The event was attended by about 50 people and was an active response by several participants. One of them said they had occasion to speak in England with one of the jailers of Gandhi during the British colonization and said that as an officer felt a great regret to have to confine a person so extraordinarily human. And he called attention to his humanity, humility and gratitude for whatever his jailers did for him.

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