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WOPG on your mobile phone, some wise analogies, the new Food for People facility in Ghana and more

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From our blog
Pottery as Metaphor
Recently I took up ceramics — the art of throwing pots on a wheel. In the movie “Ghost” Demi Moore made it look easy. It is anything but.
There are many steps to making a pot.
The first step is wedging the clay — kneading it like dough to remove air bubbles and impurities. Only I can feel when I — and the clay — am ready to proceed.  Wedging makes the clay more malleable, easier to shape into a pitcher, plate, vase or bowl.

This Is Very Simple… I Don’t Understand It!

Those were the words I heard from the security agent sitting opposite me in a small, dingy room at the security police headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece. I was only eighteen and had been enthusiastically telling people in this city about Maharaji’s message. The only problem was that Greece was under a military dictatorship at that time — people meeting and talking about anything was not allowed.
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Humanitarian aid
Massive Flooding in Brisbane Area of Queensland, Australia

Flooding after the recent torrential rains in the Brisbane to Toowoomba region of Queensland left more than 20 people dead, 25,000 people displaced from their homes, and more than 4,000 people requiring emergency accommodation.

TPRF's Third Food For People Center Gets Under Way in Ghana

The cycle of poverty is a downward spiral. Weakened by hunger, its victims lose the strength to work and with it the ability to feed their children. The desperate search for sustenance keeps children away from school and the opportunities that education might provide for a better future. In this way the scourge is passed on from generation to generation.

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