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While many programs are special, some are...

While many programs are special, some are essential. Words of Peace, which presents Prem Rawat’s message, is one of these unique programs. This program is receiving this distinction because of its important contribution toward building a culture of peace in Brazil. The feeling of peace that Prem Rawat introduces people to is very important for everyone. It is essential to spread this feeling within to everyone in Brazil. This program is a great contribution toward the triumph of inner peace. Prem Rawat’s message has the potential to unite all Brazilians in inner contentment. I know that peace is really possible in Brazil.

~ Mr. Fernando Mauro Trezza, President of the Brazilian Association of Community Television Channels, Sao Paolo, Brazil.


The Governor of the State of New Mexico, having learned of the outstanding achievement and exceptional accomplishments of Maharaji, does hereby extend congratulations and acknowledgement and further does herein direct that this official expression of pride be forthwith sent on behalf of the people of the State of New Mexico.


The experience of Self-Knowledge is recent for me. Several friends who had received Self-Knowledge gave me videotapes of Maharaji’s lectures. I thought this man was saying something very simple and straight to the heart. Later I watched satellite broadcasts and found myself listening to him nonjudgementally and with simple curiosity. My rational mind kept saying (and at times still does), "Come on, this is a story for people living in another world. Listen if you want, but then you will have to go back to real life." Now, I ask, which is the real life?


~ MD, Giulio Cossu, President of the Italian Society of Cell and Developmental Biology, Director of the Stem Cell Research Institute in Milan


When in the summer of 1978, I first heard about Knowledge and Prem Rawat, I felt something, but it did not quite register. A year later, when I met someone else who told me more about Knowledge, I again felt something, and this time it was much clearer. I did not understand what I was feeling, but I had such a clear desire to hear more that I went back to talk to this person. After that, I kept listening to Prem Rawat’s addresses on a regular basis.

At that time, Egypt seemed so cut off from the West, but I was able to travel to an event in the United States where I heard Prem Rawat in person for the first time. I felt free and extremely happy from all the inspiration that was being bestowed upon me. I asked for Knowledge, and when I was shown the techniques, the experience was wonderful and transforming.

Ihab B.
Cairo, Egypt

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