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The results are in! See what our visitors had to say about WOPG.org.

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Dear Blanca,
It's official: the results of our survey are in. We're happy to report that — out of seven possible stars — all aspects of the site received an average rating of five or higher, regardless of whether the visitor was entirely new or someone returning.
For example, on 'Look and feel' — out of 2,955 ratings collected — 1,302 of you rated it at 7 stars (44%), 706 at 6 stars (24%), 541 at 5 stars (18%), 248 at 4 stars (8%), 105 at 3 stars (4%), 35 at 2 stars (1%) and 18 at 1 star (1%). We are pleased with the results and look forward to continue improving the site.
As might be expected, LifeStreams and Event videos were some of the most popular WOPG offerings, with 91% of the respondents stating that videos were most likely to encourage repeat visits. Largely, people were enthusiastic about the possibility of having direct messages from Maharaji (such as a personal video blog), and were eager to read more news directly related to him, including interviews or question and answer sessions.

There were some concerns over the volunteering and/or local opportunities that WOPG can, or already does, offer. We are actively working to improve this, and have plans in place to make the site more accessible to local communities. Above all else, we received requests for more translated materials. While we only have the full breadth of WOPG available in English and Spanish at the moment, we do have plans in place to translate the full site into other languages over time. This process will stem back to a new organizational structure for translation, already planned out and nearly ready to implement. In the meantime, we will be creating welcome pages that will direct visitors to content currently available within their specific language.

We are very grateful to all those who took the survey, particularly those who wrote in to express their insights and concerns beyond the limitations of our rating system. Many kind things were said, and many comments were made. Thank you to all who offered suggestions for improvements: your feedback is critical to helping us improve what we do.
Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support and enjoy WOPG. You make every single effort worthwhile.
Warmest regards,
Sara Shaffer, Content Manager
on behalf of the Online Services team
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