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Report: Event in Lima - September 19, 2010

On Sunday, September 19, the Auditorio San Agustín quickly filled with guests waiting to hear the second address to be held in Lima, Perú during Maharaji's 2010 South American tour. Hailing from Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, the audience laughed and listened while he reminded them to stay in touch with the core of their existence.
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The Tourist Syndrome
A few months ago I went to Istanbul for a vacation, where I visited Istanbul’s most famous tourist trap — the Grand Bazaar. This huge market was amazing. Not because of the number of shops — 2,432. Not because of its storied history — 493-years-old. And not because I found a fantastic Turkish rug.
This place was amazing because it was there that I finally understood the “Tourist Syndrome”.

Humanitarian aid
A Noon-Day Meal For Hungry School Children in Rural Mexico

It is a sobering paradox. In the Mexican economy, ranked the twelfth largest in the world, many rural populations struggle to survive. The small community of Kunché, in the coastal state of Yucatán, is one such place.

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