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TPRF's December Campaign

Bulletin from the cause: TPRF: Food for People

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Posted By: The Prem Rawat Foundation
To: Members in TPRF: Food for People

TPRF's December Campaign

I am writing to invite each of you to be part of an unprecedented experiment in global teamwork. Please join TPRF’s December Campaign.

Our Cause is over 330,000 strong, and growing. If each member gives just $10, imagine how many people will benefit, how many children’s lives will turn from poverty to possibility.

Let’s take this from imagination to reality and experience the power of working together—thousands joining in, each playing a small part to make a huge impact. With just $10, we can all have the priceless satisfaction of making a real difference, together.

We have already achieved so much. Now let’s go beyond the common idea of what’s “realistic” and find out what is possible!

Linda Pascotto, President

Call to Action

Global Teamwork Supporting Food for People: The $10 Campaign

Fundraising Project: Global Teamwork Supporting Food for People: The $10 Campaign

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