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Online Story Articles Weave Ancient Wisdom Into Present Day Truths

Who doesn’t love a good story?
trees-in-garden-of-lifeThe Ancient Wisdom Series is an expanding collection of insightful fables and profound life observations excerpted from the talks of Prem Rawat, bound into ready-to-read booklets and beautifully illustrated with fanciful artwork.
The series was first conceived in response to the request of an advisory committee member at a large prison in California: printed materials were needed to supplement the Words of Peace TV program that was available for inmates to watch. Over the course of the development of this series, volunteers for TPRF have been working on translation into 30 languages.
Recipients are varied and include individual readers as well as literary and language classes, members of the Taiwanese police corps, hospital staff, and prison inmates. The booklets can also be found in a number of doctor’s offices and websites.
Five of these booklets have been published online at and, including The Mirror on the Wall, The Archer and the Oil Merchant, The Door to You, and the newest addition, Trees in the Garden of Life. Each booklet is between 8 and 12 pages long, and some contain a fable while others focus solely on Prem Rawat’s message around a particular topic of self-discovery. More articles will be available soon. Several of the publications may be viewed online here.
A free online reading service called has had over 62,000 page views for these articles, with more than 15,000 individual readers. The Ancient Wisdom Series can also be downloaded (over 35,000 downloads so far) and printed or shared on most social media sites, including Facebook.
High-quality hardcover copies of the booklets can be ordered from the print-on-demand publisher Magcloud for as little as US$1.85. This service is available in many countries around the world, including the US, UK, and Europe. Magcloud has sold over 2,000 printed copies, and with its recently expanded shipping to other countries, many more sales are expected. The series is also available on this site as a free iPad download.
The Library of Congress has recently awarded ISSN numbers to the series. These identification numbers for serial publications will allow libraries and publication databases to include the series, and make it available for a variety of purposes, including academic study and school use.
In the coming months, some of the exciting ways the articles in this series are being used will be profiled on this site.

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