viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Maharaji in Barcelona

About 3500 pwk descended into Barcelona Spain, and although indeed it was not warm, it was better then the snow and ice in other Countries of Europe.
Despite the usual travelers lag, all were extremely happy to be here at the Auditorio Del Forum to celebrate this day with Maharaji.
Things commenced at 10:00am, as M launched into bringing us all back to that common ground, of realities deep contentment.
Because M has requested that writers leave out this whole aspect of M said, I will only skirt around my personal reflections, bringing to the fore once again that inexpressible feeling that ever is regained in his company.

Things began two days prior as set up began. Every event is a production in itself, taking the effort of about 100 personnel. I know you may think this could be useless information but really it is amazing to see, from origin to completion, the immense transformation that happens to these venues. I mean you take this lifeless hall and actually step by step breathe such life into it, that by the end of the beautiful drama, beauty can be perceived, as the very air seems permeated with that rich scent of completions perfume.

Three hours we soaked in his company, learning, laughing, crying, acknowledging and surely accepting the blessings that as this gentle constant rain in full on sunlight, fell upon our parched lands.
Everyone knew exactly why they made this journey. Enriched beyond logical comprehension, we gathered the nourishment that would allow us to ever go deeper in practice, with that gratitude that only this love can bring forth.
It actually was a whole days event, inclusive of practice, videos and a stunning surprise to all of a greeting line as the finale.
I know M was so happy to be with us, and as the roar of thanksgiving erupted from the stunned but elated throng of this precious gift, it was evident how everyone else felt in turn.

It is hard not to say a few words of what Maharaji said, for there was so much that needed to be heard, and most of all felt. I will say that Heaven entered these premises, and thus we were surrounded by all that attends this state of holiness.
Worries and concerns melted like they never ever existed, and joy replaced the
absence, where nothing less then fulfillment filling our cups. It is so easy to be happy, reveling in the freedom that peace brings. The master ushers us into his spacious estate where he lives and says welcome, rest your weariness and drink from these regenerating waters of life's indwelling springs.

It is amazing for when this permeates, everything else stops, for presence fills in all of space and whatever was distracting us from simplicities recognition, instantaneously vanishes.
You know that line ... Please let me come home, fine my rest ... .... ...

Well that pretty much sums it up.
JB ♥

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