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The success of the current Food for People facilities in Nepal and India is something to celebrate, and the members of the Facebook: Food for People Cause have done much to make that possible. In the communities served, adults are working more productively, families are beginning to support themselves, and children are better able to receive an education that will help the entire community in the future.

This Cause has been growing at a rate of over 1,000 new members per day, reflecting the good will of people all over the world to lend a hand to those most in need. Together they can demonstrate the power of global teamwork to transform the lives of children caught in relentless poverty.

The challenge: Everyone donate just $10 in December 2010.
The goal:
  • Complete the new FFP facility in Ghana
  • Sustain the current facilities in India and Nepal
  • Build at least one more FFP facility by the end of 2012
TPRF's target of $300,000 won't accomplish all of that, but it will be a wonderful start. With over 330,000 members, there's a potential to achieve awesome results, far beyond this initial target. If they raise more than what's needed for these goals — about $1 million — TPRF will use it to create an endowment fund to help FFP be self-sustaining.

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