martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

TPRF Part of Safeway/Vons Gift Card Program

The Prem Rawat Foundation is pleased that Causes has selected a TPRF initiative to be one of the featured projects in its new Gift Card program.
The Causes Charity Gift Card is the latest reflection of the ongoing efforts of Causes to find new ways to help people make a difference. The $25 and $50 cards allow people to give the gift of giving. Whoever receives a card can use it to donate to any of Causes’ list of US charities. It’s a most refreshing gift idea!
The cards are now being released in Safeway and Vons grocery stores across California. If you live California, you may want to use the Safeway Store Locator to find the Safeway or Vons store nearest you.
Look for the display of the Causes Charity Gift Card and give a meaningful gift this holiday season.

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