martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010


Bhatta Saigon Nepal
Dear all ,
Lets nominate Prem Rawat name in CNN heroes. We can do this , we made TPRF to win America giving Challenge . We made great and rapid peaceful network in FB to promote msg of peace. Our little contribution created flame of hope in feeding children and providing clean water , our creative hands helped in flood nd earthquake . Ofcourse our little heart is dreaming to see Peace on Earth one day.

Yes we can do all, lets spread this msg around all and nominate Man of Peace (; name in CNN heroes .

1) How can I do this ???

CNN have 2 pages Spanish / English

English :~;

Spanish :~;

- go to the CONTÁCTENOS in Espanol page
- filll the form and right Prem Rawat activities and his peace msg in comment box .

2) But what to write in comment box and how ???

(Easy !! Simply click down here )


Click above 3 links and create strong article to post in comment , don't forget to include his Peace msg , Humanitarian effort & peace appeal from WOPG .

3) Simply click in the button Submit , now you are done .

Our very little contribution can creat magical things . That can be golden effort for feeding hungry child from remote corners of village like Nepal or that little effort can be drop of hope to those thirsty groups in African region waiting for clean water. Or can be warm blankets for those suffering with natural disaster in Haiti, Chile nd Pakistan .

So lets make it happen , we are true angel. YES WE CAN .

Note :~ Recently one Nepali woman ( Anuradha Koirala ) won top 4th CNN heroes of year 2010 i.e. for fighting to prevent the trafficking and sexual exploitation of Nepal's women and girls.

Thank you all
Have a very peaceful moment . ~♥~

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