jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Words of Peace Global

Words of Peace Global
On March 13, over 1,700 people gathered to listen to Maharaji in Miami, the second event to be hosted by WOPG’s sister organization Words of Peace International. Some had heard little about him, while some were people who had come to hear him again and again to benefit from his inspiration and perspective. For the volunteers who helped with every aspect of the event, it was a matter of passion and joy. “I’ve always found that helping to prepare an event prepares me to see him,” recounted Susan Alaimo, who helped organize seating. Gladys Stone, an usher, confessed that “being with Prem Rawat is one of the highlights of my life. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to help out.”
The event was open and free of charge to all who wished to attend. People flew in from as far away as England, France, Switzerland, Venezuela, Brazil, Jamaica, and Canada, not to mention various states within the continental US. They were drawn there by one common wish: to hear Maharaji speak live. Amalia, another attendee and willing volunteer, seemed to sum it up well. She explained how other types of events “end when they’re over. With Prem Rawat, the experience of his words continues growing and growing.”

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