miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Dear Friends,

TPRF has made a grant of $33,000 to provide food for 1,000 people for a month in Rio Claro, Chile. The recent 8.8 earthquake and ensuing aftershocks have left 80% of the town’s population homeless.
We would like to do more. Just $33 provides food for a month for one adult. If you would like to help, please join our Chile Earthquake Relief campaign on Facebook or make a contribution on tprf.org.
The most densely populated areas began receiving aid from the Chilean government and large international charities almost immediately, but people in smaller communities were mostly on their own. Rio Claro, an agricultural town in the foothills of the Andes, is just such a place. The townspeople are now facing the onset of winter with only makeshift tents for shelter and minimal stocks of food to carry them through the cold season. The greatest need is for food over the next six months so that people’s focus and resources can go into rebuilding their homes.
TPRF is partnering with Fundacion Origen, a reputable local charity that shares TPRF’s approach to providing aid with respect for people’s dignity. After their first delivery of food to the town, Origen’s president, Mary Anne Müller, reported, “When we arrived with six full trucks, people cried, including the Mayor. We worked in collaboration with the local authorities to reach the people in greatest need and were able to meet amazing human beings who, in spite of the tragedy, gave us much more than we gave them. Their dignity and strength amidst adversity moved us deeply.”
All contributions will help.
Kind regards,
Linda Pascotto

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