viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Bulletin from the cause: TPRF: Food for People

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Posted By: The Prem Rawat Foundation
To: Donors in 2 Causes

Thanks and Chile Update from TPRF

Dear Friend of TPRF:

Thank you very much for your donation to TPRF's campaign to help Chile.

You will be happy to hear that TPRF hopes to make its first grant to help people in Chile next week. We have an application for $33,000 to provide food through the winter for families in Rio Claro, a town near the epicenter. Just $33 will provide food for a month for one person.

Rio Claro is a rural agricultural town where 80% of the population is now homeless. Since income for the year is based on the sale of crops, many of which were destroyed, the outlook for winter is particularly bleak. We hope to help provide the security of food through the winter so people can concentrate their efforts on rebuilding their homes, even as significant aftershocks continue.

With your help, TPRF is working to make a difference.

Thanks again for your support.


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