domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Event in La Plata, Argentina - April 7, 2012

Here are some excerpts from his talk:
Pain is nothing in itself. It’s a consequence. You really have to understand this — that pain is not an entity in itself: it is a consequence. A consequence. You want to inflict pain on this skin? What do you have to do? You can easily pinch it. And then, you will have pain. If you don’t pinch it, it’s fine. It’s not hurting. Consequence!
You want blessings in your life? You don’t need blessings in your life. You only need to recognize what a blessing your life is. Is. Big difference! Why do you need to recognize the blessing, and not ask for more? Because once you recognize the blessing, you will see how blessed you are.

When you find yourself full of anger, full of fear, full of desperation, feel your breath and know that someone is still blessing you — somebody very important is still blessing you. And of all the realities, this one better be real. For you, this one better be real. And it is. It is sweet, it is simple, and it is beautiful. It is a gift, and it comes in every day, every moment. You need to be aware.

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